Hi, I'm Norbert - sound designer, composer, and mixing / mastering engineer. Scroll down and find out how my audio skills can enrich your game, film or music project!

Dynamic Game Audio

Great music and sound effects are paramount to ensure player immersion and guarantee a fantastic gaming experience. In this video I'll show you how I can provide music and sound effects that interact with your game engine and change depending on the current game state.

Dynamic Music Composition

Music that can adapt to the gameplay in order to reflect the current difficulty level or player mood is a very enriching experience. In this video I'll show you a boss fight cue transitioning smoothly between different intensity states.

Sound Effect Design

Together with music, sound effects shape the world of a game or film. Watch any horror movie without sound and you'll see how a good soundscape enriches the experience. I've edited SFX for series that screen on Netflix, Fox or HBO. Get in touch to see how my sound design can enhance your project.


Music conveys the mood of your movie or game. If a cue hits the right tone, it creates those memorable moments that your audience or player always will want to come back to. Think about the soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or The Lord of the Rings. In this video you'll hear three different cues, all addressing a different necessity: an orchestral battle theme, a chiptune game soundtrack and a melancholic music box lullaby.

Mixing and Mastering

Beyond composing and sound design, I also work 'behind the glass' as recording, mixing and mastering engineer. In this video you'll find examples of my work in this area of sound engineering.

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