Hi, I'm Norbert - sound designer and audio programmer.

Here you'll find examples of my work and selected credits.

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FMOD Dynamic Music Implementation

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About me

I like…

  • Playing video games. My all-time favourite genres are RPG, Metroidvania, Strategy and Puzzle games. I love board games, too!
  • Tweaking the Reaper with custom actions and a bit of scripting.
  • Learning about game engines, and how to make noise with them.
  • Finding new ways to mangle audio into unique sound effects.
  • Implementing audio logic using midware.
  • Composing and implementing adaptive music.
  • Learning from other sound designers by playing games and trying to figure out how they made that sound or implemented that particular logic.
  • Practising sports (swimming, running and Yoga).
  • Spending time with my family. 

Selected credits


  • Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising - Sound Design, FMOD programming - Gamemill Entertainment
  • Ruff Day - Sound Design, Dialogue implementation, FMOD programming - Sabiarts
  • Who's a Good Boy - Music, Sound Design, FMOD programming - Global Game Jam 2021
  • Retro Noir - Music, Sound Design, FMOD programming - Global Game Jam 2021
  • iGlue - Music, Sound Design - Global Game Jam 2020 - Voted best game by local audience
  • Order of the Phoenix - Sound Design, FMOD programming - Ludum Dare 46

Movies / TV

  • Pacto de Sangue (various episodes) - SFX editing - Netflix
  • Um contra todos (various episodes) - Dialogue editing, SFX editing - FOX
  • O Escolhido (various episodes) - Dialogue editing (Portuguese) - Netflix
  • Irmandade (various episodes) - Dialogue editing (Portuguese) - Netflix
  • O Negócio (various episodes) - Dialogue editing, SFX editing - HBO
  • Heckle (feature film) - Audio post production
  • Riki Rhino (feature film) - English dub edit and mix
  • Tash Force (feature film) - Re-recording mixer
  • Enchanting Rupert (short film) - Audio post production
  • The Last Pagan (short film) - Audio post production

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